Bandcamp FoundedHeads For The Dead Slash 'n' Roll (Horror Death Metal) by HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International), released 05 November 2021 1. Una fragile memoria Italian composer and guitarist Andrea. Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 24, 2022. The idea with AVDAGATA is to bring out music and lyrics that are ME, that reflect my soul. Moonlight Haze Moonlight Haze is a power symphonic metal band from Italy founded in 2018 by Chiara Tricarico and Giulio Capone, vocals and drums/keyboards respectively. Bandcamp, the online platform to buy and stream music, was founded in September 2008. Get all 11 LoneSome DoG releases available on Bandcamp and save 30%. Ki is a record label co-founded by deep house producer Christian Löffler in Cologne in 2009. Opera Diabolicus Death On A Pale Horse, released 26 November 2021 1. NEONPOCALYPSE NEONPOCALYPSE is a solo project created in 2021 by Alex Svenson, also known as the singer from Then Comes …. II The four powerful women of KONVENT deliver THE definitive Death Doom debut of 2020! Could Copenhagen become the new death doom capital? If so, it`s all because of Konvent!. Księżycowe miasto - kujawiak 6. Barbarian Prophecies - AMONG US 3. SynthAttack SynthAttack is a fast rising dark electro project from Hanover founded in February 2015 to produce powerful music for the clubs. Along the way she earned nine Grammy Awards, chalked …. Artists include Skipping Girl Vinegar, Georgia Fields, The Aerial Maps, Celadore, Bon. ‘First Seance’ is the debut album by Land Trance, a new collaboration between Liverpool-based experimental …. Failure by Alpha, released 15 June 2021 1. Be'lakor Founded in 2004, Be'lakor is an Australian melodic/progressive death metal band. Prolific from the start, Baldi’s early work was …. Find the album on vinyl, CD digipack plus exclusive. HVRT is: Tobias - Drums Stefan - Bass. KOOL SWITCH WORKS "KOOL SWITCH WORKS (K. Walg is a Melodic Black metal act that was founded during the 2021 pandemic. The weather was fine, and The Correct Arc had played but one show at this point. The story of Smuggler Brothers starts in Palermo, the principal town of Sicily, in late 2011. The Elders The Elders were founded in 1998 by six musicians with a passion for music rooted in Irish jigs & reels & American folk rock. Jay NiCE & Knowledge the Pirate …. Aoife Nessa Frances Watching the Willows Burn by Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances, released 08 July 2021 Lay where you lay Alone in the …. Founded in 2009 by Denis Mauko in order to develop symphonies …. Hellfrost And Fire Fire, Frost And Hell (Death Metal) by HELLFROST AND FIRE (International), released 18 March 2022 1. Servant by Errorr, released 15 September 2021 1. Identified generally by their odd-time-scaled tunes, they incorporate elements of '70s prog rock, jazz, funk along with Eastern Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 7, 2019. VIROCRACY, founded in mid-2018, is a progressive death and thrash metal experience. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Bandcamp will become part of Epic Games. Originally founded by Matt Brock and going strong since 2013, Dicepeople have an extensive, well-received back catalogue and are known for their intense, immersive live. Island of Love Songs of Love, released 17 March 2022 1. KALTFRONT KF was founded in 1986 and was on the road throughout the GDR. Emerald Mind Power/Prog metal band with female vocal. If you want you can reach us at [email protected] Fake by Lorenzo Feliciati & Dominique Vantomme, released 04 February 2022 1. Realize My Fate Album out January 27th, 2017 Dylan Baldi maintains simple, admirable standards in quality. Both Paulo Tropa and Jose Duarte are also members of Nega Jurema. Alan Vega The visual artist, musician, and poet Alan Vega co-founded the massively influential avant-garde band Suicide with Martin Rev in …. Quiescence In Daylighting, Passepartout Duo continues to explore their fascination with building personalized musical instruments. Simplemental (Mala Fama Remix) 'Simplemental' is a brand new single by Pancho Piedra, one of the key figures and. Sympathetic Horror, released 29 June 2017 1. We Are Young Migori That DILT Beast Mode 3. Bandcamp Acquired by Fortnite Maker Epic Games Bandcamp co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond writes, “The products and services you …. Satanicpornocultshop Hermit EP by Fetus, released 25 March 2022 1. Compro Oro A twang-American, psychedelic underground road trip to Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Soon releasing their 6th album, on Hubro: Papirfuglen Papirfuglen, released 18 March 2022 1. TVINNA is an international band founded by Laura Fella (Faun), Fiona Rüggeberg (former Faun) and Fieke van den Hurk (Musician/Producer for a. noise and cumbia known as ruidosón and has released music under a plethora of monikers: dark techno as Boi Patrol, ramshackle electronic pop as María y José, experimental surf rock as El Capricho and experimental dembow as La Fiebre X. Includes unlimited streaming of Ice Fleet via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Founded Tape 4 by J Dilla, released 29 May 2018. Even under threat of Islamic fundamentalists, the master has spent his life as a dedicated practitioner of a vanishing art — one that has been passed on from generation to generation since the 13th century. Eminenz Eminenz, founded in 1989, are one of the oldest Black Metal bands from Germany. Includes unlimited streaming of Chipper - Self Patron via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and. Facelift France and Holland by Soft Machine, released 25 March 2022 1. Flammeum II by Alloxylon, released 29 October 2021 1. Archetype CONCILIVM was born in 2017, founded by its only two members, A and Ω, in the cold south of Chile. Weaver All songs written and recorded by ILVCIA Santiago Arderiu - Drums, Percussion. Kali Yuga "Yīn Yīn hop and bound along, being whisked up by the pure joy of their. North London-based group Black Doldrums are gearing up to release their debut album, ‘Dead Awake’, on March 11th 2022 via Fuzz Club Records. Keyboardist Oliver Edsforth created midi swing meets surf noir project Marlowe Dies. 1 by V/A, released 27 January 2022 1. Visions from the Void, released 10 December 2018 1. Dan launches his own label, summerpup, as a home for his unique blend of deep, groovy, rolling sounds steeped in psychedelia. These recordings were mastered by Hell Yeah mastering, Brighton. First LP 'Yes I Jan' released 2018. As part of the independent media group SPKR, Prophecy Productions is best known for artists such as Empyrium, Alcest, Arcturus, Tenhi, Dool, and The Mystery Of The Bulgarian. TheNightTimeProject Not straying far from his most notable roots, Fredrik "North" Norrman founded Thenighttimeproject — a pleasantly nostalgic road for those more familiar with his work in Katatonia. The Sprawl (live) Sonic Youth release live recording from Kyiv, Ukraine April 14, 1989 to benefit World Central Kitchen and relief to Ukraine. The themes of the lyrics deal with the majesty of nature and the infinity of its cycle, pagan gods and the imaginary world of legends and myths. With 4 homemade cassettes released since 2019, Leoni Leoni has established …. Stereotype by Iwata, released 29 January 2017 1. Rioghan was founded in 2019 and is based on Lapua, Finland. Stvannyr I'm Stvannyr (Csarnogurszky István), the proud founder of the "Realm of Wolves", "Black Hill", "Silent Island" and "musicformessier" projects. Epilogue Debut album Machine Blood by NORÐ out on March 4th 20222 via Inverse Records. Tigerforest & Eskadet - Karukera (Planesia Remix) 3. Puchacz Krakow's duo Olivia and Chino join Pinkman with their live project Radiation 30376. Arka by Radiation 30376, released 09 July 2021 1. Plant a seed then grow a tree, ground …. Ava Cherry – You Never Loved Me 2. He explains its origin here: "Here's another old song. Morok", is scheduled to hit the stores on April 26th, 2012 - a very symbolic day, since it is the 26th. is a two-man metal band founded in 2018 featuring lead guitarist Aki Shishido and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Chris Whitby. supported by 5 fans who also own “C. He plays in a number of projects including: duets including Clíodhna Ní Bheaglaoich, Jack Talty, Caoimhín O Raghallaigh and Liam Ó Maonlaí; a trio entitle 'Concertina'; and with the band Ré. Simplemental by Pancho Piedra, released 04 February 2022 1. Molchat Doma (translated as “Houses Are Silent”), founded in 2017 in Minsk, Belarus, stands at the intersection of post- punk, new-wave and synth-pop. Approaching 30, Gwar reaches for obscene enlightenment Boost your fundraising with a low-cost, sponsored ad in Mountain Xpress 2013. The electronic music label was named after the Berlin "Bar25 …. "Weavings" is co-released digitally by the Unsound and Other People labels, with all profit split between the participating artists. Apocalyptic Metamorphosis by INTRICATED, released 10 December 2021 1. Mixing equal parts Moog to Marshall, they deliver a sound laden with lush, sexy vocals backed up by catchy bass grooves and smooth hooks, all under a veneer of crushing heavy metal guitar riffs and poly-rhythmic drum. How I Built This host Guy Raz talked with Ethan Diamond – the co-founder and CEO of Bandcamp – an online record store and music community. Founded in late 2014, The Atavists quickly established their place on the Czech music scene as one of the most prolific indie bands in the country, mainly due to their intense live performances. Dead Years from Bielefeld/Germany was founded in January 2019 by Julia, Hannes and Jonas. In March 2020, Bandcamp made a major splash with the debut of its Bandcamp Friday program. Mind is electrified and overfrown, That was the threat I've never known; As if by invisible mastermind's will I dig the tunnel inside myself to the freezing still. dis[re]member Catalog: FUNERE-08 300 limited copies. Daniel Seven - Shoot For The Moon (feat. Tesco Organisation was born of the love of pure industrial music. Our best reissues round-up spans decades, continents, genres, and moods. Wulffius - Blue In The Dusk 14. ' Autarkh III - Roadburn Redux 2021 by Autarkh III. stasis044 "Šamán - Departure" Written and produced by Šamán. Kodama by Alcest, released 30 September 2016 1. Includes unlimited streaming of Kur via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Following up on their first collaborative EP "Mechanical Gesture" (released on Obscuur Records in 2020 and re-issued on vinyl in 2021), the duo Catartsis & Ōtone starts off 2022 with a bang by re-launching the record label ygam — initially founded by Ōtone in 2015 — which now welcomes Ōtone's dear friend and collaborator, Catartsis, as co-curator and co-runner. Dans la Rave by NOT FOUNDED, released 13 February 2017 1. No Answers No Solutions (7" version) 3. Body and Soul Subreal is pleased to announce its sixth release, War Bride (SR006) from label co-founder …. Rakhi Singh Rakhi Singh is violinist, collaborator, composer & music director based between Manchester and London, England. Gee Recordings Gee Recordings was founded by Guillaume "Gee" Metenier (keyboard player/producer), mixing psychedelic soul jazz funk and early reggae, he collaborates with an all star cast of musician from Paris and all over the world. Demo I by Doodswens, released 02 March 2019 1. established and founded by Malakhi, released 12 June 2016. H42Records We are a independent record company located in Hamburg, Germany with a big focus on strictly limited vinyls. Nik Turner Nicholas "Nik" Turner is an English musician, best known as a former member of space rock pioneers Hawkwind. Its lyrical theme is the Spanish Civil War, the libertarian movement and the …. In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. The latest from Indonesian band IGMO runs the gamut, offering gristle-y American Southern Rock, proto-punk, and more. ILVCIA Ilvcia is a rock band founded in Barcelona in 2010. ASEC004 - ASEC, Kwartz & Temudo, released 14 May 2021 1. We specialise in new alternative music from the North of the UK. The band was founded by still existing members The Witcher & brother OldNick. Where are Bandcamp offices? Bandcamp has an office in Oakland. PENUMBRA was asked to open for well-known French acts like Misanthrope. Common sense will not accomplish great things. Their acoustic sounding electronic tracks …. 90s alternative of the Pacific Northwest persuasion is given a lushly lo-fi update on this existential guitar record from Prathloons. The band was founded in 2017 and continues to exist today for the sole purpose of playing rock music as we like it. Since then we've released 2 albums, both of them …. Secret Night Gang Founder members of SNG (SecretNightGang) Mancs Callum Connell & Kemani Anderson have shared a love of writing …. Bandcamp, based in Oakland, Calif. Towards the end of 2011, the band joined forces with Code666/Aural music for a worldwide release of the debut album 'Pneuma' in the spring of 2012. Trigger Mafia Canada's Trigger Mafia is the quintessential rock revival project with a modern spin. Zwischen Sommer und Herbst Together with studio- and livedrummer P. GRIEF is also a part of The Healing Project, a multidisciplinary project created & developed by Samora Pinderhughes. Yafo Nu 'Jazzy Afro-Soul Music - Ghana's Highlife going by the heartbeat of 70s Soul Music' Jembaa Groove is a Berlin based Afro-Soul group founded in late 2020 by Yannick Nolting (Bass, Composer, Producer) and Eric Owusu (vocals, percussion. In accord with their motto "we release music by people we like who make music we love", they thus focus on bringing back some calm tones into this loudness. Founded in 2015, comprising female electronic musicians and producers from the. The Tiger Lillies The world of The Tiger Lillies is dark, peculiar and varied, with moments of deep sadness, cruel black humour and immense …. This Blue Moment (Demo 1990) 10. A classic Bay Area punk/garage band with a dedicated underground following. This relates to the sound function of words. Well U Smile by Founded Tinfier, released 02 April 2022 1. In 2013 Jan Lüftner (drums) and Markus Dold (guitar) completed the line-up. Epilogue Bààn is a Belgian instrumental duo, formed in 2016 in Brussels by Pascal N. It happened that Sascha Bachmann, who was one of …. The Sparrows And The Nightingales 2. But on their new EP, Arche, the Japanese trio return to the core of their sound, a dizzying piano-based jazz founded on nimble. Bandcamp New & Notable May 24, 2021. The Dead Show Dealers The Dead Show Dealers are an Aggressive/Americana band founded in Central Florida. The fools journey began a decade and beyond when the birthrite was founded…. Things ONETWOTHREE's first album doesn't have a name but that's just as it should be for a band that's deceptively simple, mysterious and yet somehow familiar. Michot's Melody Makers Michot Melody Makers are an electric string band pushing the boundaries of Cajun traditional music. Drama and Literature director at Radio Station WBAI; A Meredith moment of sorts: Charles de Lint's "The Boys of Goose Hill" song is on sale at Bandcamp for ninety nine cents. Boogie with Satan, released 17 June 2020 1. Like most musicians, the pandemic threw Kazar for a loop, knocking out both his touring revenue and his part-time gigs as a bartender. Bill plays all guitars, inviting occasional guests to perform on other instruments. sisyphus' journey by mildred in oblivion, released 22 November 2021 1. The Path Of The Totalitarian 3. The band is dominated by an aggression that constantly develops through different tempos and rhythms within the songs, steadily taking on new forms like a virus. It was founded in 2015 by L'Cul-Terreux …. Remission A 4-piece Thrash band hailing from Perth, Western Australia. Bandcamp is rocking the way music aficionados . PARADISE by KMFDM, released 27 September 2019 1. Favela Discos is a label and art collective founded in Porto, 2013. Triplestar - Into The Light (Extended Mix) 6. „Aerojogging" is a collection of four extremely powerful and efficiently produced 140+ BPM techno bangers. 1 'Swenskt Anfall' (H42-073), released 05 October 2021 European Rock Invasion -Vol. Confines Heavy Electronics from NYC Work Up The Blood, released 03 December 2021 1. The Pact by Negative Plane, releases 30 April 2022 1. UR- by Accordo dei Contrari, released 19 November 2021 1. featured on Bandcamp Radio Mar 18, 2022. Tigerforest & Der Waldläufer - Mountains (Stefan Erbe's Small Lifeforms Remix) 2. Which poses the question: does our 21st-century business world really have to be so much like Spotify, and so little like Bandcamp? I spoke with . Al Kent Disco Demands Part Six, released 07 February 2020 1. Profanatica Rotting Incarnation of God, released 11 October 2019 1. Daligan Based in Glastonbury and near Stonehenge respectively, Daligan is a collaboration between two established visual …. Cauchemar Cauchemar is a French-Canadian heavy metal band founded in 2007. Bandcamp Fridays started to affect release calendars. After losing sight of each other for a couple of years, composer Robert Koning and vocalist Yorick Keijzer joined forces again after drawing inspiration from certain life events. The band's founder, Chuck Schuldiner, is considered "a pioneering force in death metal and grindcore". Bandcamp was founded in Oakland, California in 2008, with a simple premise: Artists should have more control over how they sell and market their …. Day Falls 'Day Falls' is an album of low-light guitar and synth works processed with tape delays on decayed and worn reels, carefully constructed by Home Normal residents Ian Hawgood, James Murray and Stijn Hüwels. Dehuman Reign DEHUMAN REIGN based Death Metal band established in 2012 and committed to the US American old school sound of the …. You Need Love (2nd demo 1987) 7. The vocals are technically diversified and the texts are mostly dealing with scientifical topics. Lineup: Andreas Lindström, guitars Alexander Wijkman, guitars Nima Farhadian …. Revolver by Kate Moore, released 30 October 2021 1. Movements between hypnotic, unpolished, dancefloor-oriented electronic music. You can also create an account for free. FiXT’s catalog of music has garnered over 1. Atonement The band was founded in 2018 in Wroclaw, Poland. Stephen Brodsky JR Conners Adam McGrath Nate Newton …. Barbarian Prophecies - MORTE NEGRA 6. In The Nature Of Reason, released 15 September 2013 1. Tombs Formed in 2007, Brooklyn-based experimental metal outfit TOMBS blends bleak, post-punk minimalism with the ferocious attack of sludge and traditional black metal. Rudra Enemy of Duality (Vedic Metal) by RUDRA (Singapore), released 17 December 2016 1. AUTARKH AUTARKH is a contemporary meal quartet from Tilburg (NL), built on the artistic foundation of DODECAHEDRON and founded by its composer/ guitarist Michel Nienhuis. ALDA Born within the thick forests of the US's Pacific Northwest, Alda has spent years cultivating their sound of dense, suffocating banks of black metal fog and moody folk riffs. Sliten6ix performs and contributes to the underground music tradition, which emerged in the late 2000s bands. Band websites are often pretty bad, hacked together by a friend of the band with Flash and Dreamweaver, or worse, by the record label. The Crimson Rider (Gallows Frontier, Act I) 3. Variable geometry travel François Thollot is a French composer and multi-instrumentalist who is part. About Bandcamp About us Bandcamp is an online record store and music community where passionate fans discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love. Founded in Zurich in 2018, the label Quiet Love Records believes that in the loud place our world has become, the quiet notes in music are more important than ever. Blurstem Blurstem is a piano-based off-shoot of Elskavon, Minneapolis composer Chris Bartels’ ambient project. Quarry, released 27 August 2021 1. Bukkha Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, Bukkha started producing dub music in 2007 with his debut vinyl release dropping just 2 …. The vocals are excellent and varied. Days Of Wrath (Vinyl B-Side) Pure sadness, anger and frustration that goes through the marrow. The label's focus lies on dark electronic music with an artistic vision. Bandcamp, by comparison, was founded on a basic question, says 49-year-old co-founder and chief executive Ethan Diamond. Having reached underground cult status back in the …. Barbarian Prophecies - ÜBERMENSCH 10. With 4 albums in 20 years, PENUMBRA was invited to play at some of the biggest Goth festivals. It´s influences range from Ramones, The Meanies, The Saints, Hard-Ons, until Adolescents, Zero Boys etc Crazy bus, released 06 January 2013 1. In my Blood The second album of Warsaw/Poland based doom & post metal Black Tundra. // Trapped in a cavern, it's pitch black and the air is getting harder and harder to breathe. The band's music is a combination of agressivity and more atmospheric musical passages, while flirting with djent and progressive metal. By Sophie Caraan / Mar 2, 2022. Founded on the Rock by Metatarsophalangeal Joint, released 13 April 2016 1. The sound of the new Italian band AERIALIS urges you to detach from reality and look into yourselves. Mindwork Founded in 2007, Mindwork is a prog/death metal band from Czech Republic. Also singers and composers Audrey Le Shark and Iva Kazantzeva …. It’s the first in a trilogy of records by Preston exploring the …. They first met fortuitously at a playground in Berlin early 2020 whilst collecting their young sons from kindergarden and soon after realised they were onto something special. Meanwhile The Survivors Are Shamefully Arriving ( …. Know This - Emily Ewing & Dan Trigger, released 21 November 2021 KNOW THIS By Emily Ewing Why do I keep doing this to myself? Closing old wounds to open them again, You'd think I'd learn by now, You'd think. End Of Forever by Samsara Blues Experiment, released 15 January 2021 1. Arrows Scuba aka Paul Rose returns to Aus for the first time in nearly a …. Transience by Shylmagoghnar, released 29 June 2018 1. The Search In 1999, a group of teenagers found their musical paths crossing each other. Founded in 2005, all of the material thus far has been written, performed, recorded and produced by Boc, having drawn inspiration from various genres of music including heavy metal, progressive rock, traditional English and Scottish folk, grunge, alternative rock, blues, jazz, and. United Elementz United Elementz is a Channel Island based Hip-Hop brand founded on March 8th, 2014 by B-Eazy and SAO2971. This EP is a continuation of the story from Arrival of the Dark Masters, while also symbolically marking the return of the death metal ganja-shamans from Southern California. Machine Blood by NORÐ, released 04 March 2022 1. An Experimentation of Genocide (Unit 731) 6. Black Metal from the depths of East Frisia. [21] by dublab, released 02 October 2020 1. We provide a home for dark stirring music from different genres such as metal and rock, alternative, and folk. Dan, released 03 December 2021 1. Bandcamp is more than a place to download music. Lisa Morgenstern - Glass (solo piano) 7. The formation of musicians from backgrounds in Jazz and Traditional Irish, music has naturally established …. Agruss Morok, released 26 April 2012 1. Following the surprise acquisition announcement earlier this month, some suggested that Epic‘s driving reason to buy Bandcamp …. Mnemosynean by Katatonia, released 01 October 2021 1. nobuhle ashanti + odwa bongo) 4. Sunken In Styx - Part I: Submersion 2. Founded by three friends, musicians active in the fertile underground music scene of the city, the band aims to experiment new artistic directions, combining a diverse set of influences ranging from Italian soundtracks and Library music from the '60s and '70s to African-American music, with. We are honored to release the debut album from Violet, the alias of Inês Borges Coutinho, Lisbon born and raised DJ, producer boss of Naive records, co-founder …. Rise of the Merciless, released 31 July 2020 1. The First Album "Loi Martiale" was released in january 2011 via ATMF. Bandcamp is a profitable digital content business, though. Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital. Memoria by Trentemøller, released 11 February 2022 1. Over the past fifteen years, the Toronto composer, percussionist and producer has established …. “Bandcamp will keep operating as a standalone marketplace and music community,” Ethan Diamond, co-founder and CEO, wrote in a statement on . We have a mission to inspire other young people. and RAPE in Schwäbisch Gmünd (not far from …. On Bandcamp, you can set up a storefront, list inventory, vinyl, merch, CDs, and anything else you might want to sell to your audience. But the skill she has honed best is songwriting. Bandcamp is an online record store and music community where passionate fans discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love. Cabeki Cabeki is the moniker for the solo project of gifted italian guitarist Andrea Faccioli (Baustelle, Vasco Brondi) Da qui i grattacieli erano meravigliosi, released 15 April 2020 1. GN by GEINS'T NAÏT, released 25 June 2021 1. Unsound An amorphous global-minded festival and creative platform dealing with music, sound, words and related visual arts. Bandcamp New & Notable May 9, 2021. A Founded Throe of Stone by Gilted Woods, released 18 March 2017 Caducous knees Quaver Trestles crumble-aged Forgo unhelt And so …. Forgotten River Composed and recorded during pre-pandemic time, '100,000 WHYS' Wang Wen's 11th album, heaves with beauty and intelligence. Founded at the end of 2016 by three DJ*s, Rue Oberkampf combines 80s ecstasy with the atmosphere of fog-shrouded, strobe-lit dance temples of …. Lineup: Andreas Lindström, guitars Alexander Wijkman, guitars Nima Farhadian Langroudi, vocals Raul Vicente, bass Emil Nissilä, drums The Deviant, released 26 June 2020 1. LP-reprints in June 2022! Samsara Blues Experiment (SBE) were founded in 2007 by Christian Peters (lead guitar & vocal), completed …. He released his acclaimed Gangster Doodles (The Book)alongside an ever …. David Ciampalini, founder of the Ambient-Noise Collective, bridges musique concrete with psychedelic soundscapes on his debut solo LP. Planes Mistaken For Stars Prey, released 21 October 2016 1. If you like LEADER OF DOWN, you may also like: Driving melodic rock from Norwegian band Wolfnaut puts the brawny hooks front and center, wrapping them in boisterous riffs. III by Moonfrost, released 06 July 2018 1. Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 30, 2022. Khidja In The Middle Of The Night, released 19 April 2019 1. The platform allows artists to market and . Barbarian Prophecies - SUPREME VAMPIRE 5. Developer of a music publishing platform designed to discover and buy music. 'Diplo'—the prolific artist's self-titled new album and first full-length of electronic/dance music in 18 years—is the realization of a three-year deep dive into the house music that first blew Diplo's mind as a teenager and that he has now founded …. On Terminus Hill Human Remains follows Creatures of the Deep and Black Sarabande as the final installment. Sam Beste is in The Vernon Spring - a happening which provides him with a means to explore sound and song through layered pianos, stripped-back beats and studio experimentation. More extreme and black metal, more. Unity, not separation, is what has to happen. A Bandcamp page is kind of like a landing page, with minimal distractions, and emphasis on the artist, the artwork, and the music. The Light At A Certain Hour (Device Operator Remix) 5. In its ten years of life, Ki has rooted itself firmly in the electronic music scene all the while branching out into different genres with every release. The music download site announced …. , Malaria and Matador’s music for the 40th anniversary plus the rare originals. The band ceased to exist after Schuldiner died of brain cancer in 2001, though remains an enduring heavy metal brand. Having studied at Berklee College in America he is now living in. Bandcamp New & Notable Jan 8, 2022. So, I’ve Been Dating Him a Month and I Find Out He’s Married… Neil Clark Warren born September 18, 1934 is a clinical psychologist, Christian theologian, seminary professor, chairman and co-founder …. Teethgrinder Teethgrinder was founded early 2013, its origin lies in combining the shared history, experience and influences of its members´ previous endeavors; DrDoom and Greyline. West Rules Techno label based in Argentina, founded by Joaquin Ruiz. The Sparrows And The Nightingales (Ancient Methods 'Ode To The Night' Remix) Wolfsheim were a synthpop duo of Markus Reinhardt (music) and Peter Heppner (lyrics and vocals) from Hamburg, Germany founded in 1987 named after Meyer Wolfsheim, a character from F. Under the leadership of Yoshimi, also a founding member of Boredoms, the …. Founded in 2013, and after releasing their debut Horror Vacui (2016) and critically acclaimed successor Ruins (2019), the six piece with Jaakko Mäntymaa on vocals and Omnium Gatherum’s Aapo Koivisto on keys showcases a true virtuosity of heavy riffs, hypnotizing soundscapes and impetuous tempo-changes on its new piece of art. Human (Reissue) by Death, released 21 June 2011 1. Founded in 2007, the platform emerged out a desire to empower artists, by offering them a place to share and sell music to listeners, growing their. Einar Selvik Einar Selvik has founded the group Wardruna in 2002. Rituals II by KAVRILA, released 07 December 2018 1. A Favela Discos é um colectivo de artistas e intelectuais sediado no Porto. Vampyromorpha Vampyromorpha were founded in 2014 by Nemes Black (guitar, bass & drums) and Jim Grant (vocals, Hammond). Something in the tone of his drums really spoke to me and I knew immediately I wanted a record for Astrophonica. In the end of 2009 band released first album and moved to Saint-Petersburg. Indeed, it stands as a monument to everything they’ve …. Cinephonic was founded in 2018 by composer / pianist / vibraphonist Pierre Chrétien, as an outlet for the new cinematic tunes he had been quietly writing when he wasn't busy leading larger groups such as The Souljazz Orchestra, Atlantis Jazz Ensemble and Slim Moore & the Mar-Kays. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Water Planet remixed & remastered , unknown species , Liquid Sun remixed & remastered , Spaceflowers , on stage , Water Planet , Liquid Sun , and synapse. Founded by singer-guitarist Rudi Protrudi in New …. Band performed a few local gigs and had some line-up changes from time to time when in the end of 2008 they went to the studio and recorded its first album «Tales of Soveena». The sound is influenced by genres as dark electro, industrial, aggrotech, harsh to ebm and combines hard beats with sweeping synths and strong vocals. Barbarian Prophecies - HORIZON 7. No Time, no Fading, no Surrender 6. Disoriented, hands follow the walls to find what could be the ceiling, fingers digging. stasis037 "Iwata - Stereotype…. The band's founder, Chuck Schuldiner, is considered "a pioneering force in …. Haggish Haggish is a Bilbao punk rock band founded in 1994. Life Without Sound by Cloud Nothings, released 27 January 2017 1. with the album float, a sonic slice of arpeggiated synths and …. 75 billion online streams connecting with a core audience of gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts and comic book fans. Bandcamp has an office in Oakland Open Map View Oakland, CA, US (HQ) 1901 Broadway Show all (1) Report incorrect company information Bandcamp Financials and Metrics Summary Metrics Founding Date 2007 Bandcamp Cybersecurity Score Cybersecurity rating Premium dataset B 80 /100 Learn more about our premium products Report incorrect company information. Sweven The Eternal Resonance, released 20 March 2020 1. Tillintetgöra AVDAGATA is founded by - Sebb Drago (AVSMAK, ALVSVART, SWORN, UNGODLY LEGION). Founded by Lance Pilon, its sole member and former bass player for Riddle Me This (1989-1998). PATHOLOGIST Death metal / Goregrind band from Czech Republic, founded in 1990 Grinding Opus of Forensic Medical Problems, released …. In 2020 band released their first …. The three—Paul Richards of Los Angeles, California, Bert Lams of Affligem, Belgium, and Hideyo Moriya of Tokyo, Japan—met at a 1987 Guitar Craft course with Robert Fripp. Jen sereme a flušem (Bajonet) 5. French Field Middle of Night 3. Daylight Savings is the second full-length album by Melbourne's cinematic soul journeymen Surprise Chef. Pre 9-9 nother word we're drowning They could have stopped but on bullshit-it was founded And it goes till I'm gone Always a pawn Chorus Cause they dont care Any more And I'm wasting all this effort They dont care They'll ignore. Comatose Music is an independent record label and distributor located in N. Dumb Founded Disease by Puddy, released 16 March 2014 Hey, my good friend I said something to your face yesterday I'm sorry Don't listen it was …. I Vomit This World (Mercyless Cover) Vocals: Maxime Guillemain Guitar/Bass: Eloi Nicod Guitar/Bass: Florian Delbart Drums: Thomas Hennequin aka Blastum Mixed and mastered by Frédéric. The band is composed of two brothers, Luther …. METAL BOX - REBUILT IN DUB by JAH WOBBLE, released 19 November 2021 1. The Sixth Invisible Light of the Unobserved Heterogeneity Dimension …. Founded by singer-guitarist Rudi Protrudi in New York City The group's name is derived from Fuzz Tone, the commercial name of a guitar effect pedal invented in 1962 and whose distinctive sound was popularized in the 1965 hit song "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 22, 2019. In this installment you'll find cult underground hip-hop, obscure Brazilian folk, Bostonian power-punk, a disco-funk loosie from a jazz luminary, and more. Kimilia was founded in Tbilisi in 2018 by Zoé Perret (from France) along with Koka Khijakadze, Zura Andguladze and Giorgi Dzaganishvili (from Georgia). Suicide Machine (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks) 12. Ben Bork & Inskape - Cyclic Redundancy 5. Shaw Cuts Record label born in the shaolin slums of south germany in 2015. Designed For Disaster by Yang, released 25 February 2022 1. Jupetto & slono - Delocalization 4. Pono by A Great Big Pile of Leaves. A band camp typically refers to a high school, college, or university marching band summer camp. Kkismettin is the first solo album of Antonis Antoniou, founder …. After the release of their debut album in 2009, they have patiently established …. The Affliction of Deteriorating Minds 4. After exploring different roads musically their paths have led them back together creating a harmony that can only be founded …. BEHIND by Engraver, released 28 May 2021 1. macaroom makes and plays pop music …. In 2005 the reunion took place. Infected With Friendship / split with Bajonet, released 08 April 2016 1. OREINOI, SAPR & Groov Mekanik - Synergy (Groov Mekanik Mix) 6. The Grey Disorder A Canadian project based out of Toronto. Ross Breen - Heaven (Talking Heads) 3. Bandcamp – which was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in Oakland, California – is an online marketplace for artists and labels. ArpLine ArpLine was an electronic band from NYC, active 2008-2011. The label showcases new and established …. Autarkh III - Roadburn Redux 2021 by Autarkh III, released 22 April 2022 1. Bas Jan 4tet founded by Serafina Steer with Emma Smith, Charlie Stock & Rachel Horwood. AEDI001 by Aedi Records, released 28 March 2021 1. Ocarina Of Time (featuring Verse1) by CJ Burns, released 11 March 2022. In its prime, it was home to over 70-80 businesses and. )" is a music label founded in 2012 by Pharakami Sanders Pharakami S D. Alaguan - The Storm (Extended Mix) 2. Falling Forward Into The Future Born under August sun, in year of the dog, brings luck for great times, like a pup in summer. The style of PEKLA can be described as heavy/speed metal with rock'n'roll attitude. He's performed with legends Nina Simone, Dizzy Gillespie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Cannonball Adderley. Devoured By The Oak, released 12 November 2021 1. Bandcamp, the online record store and music community, has announced Diamond went on to say that, since Bandcamp was founded in 2008, . un torügg bleev blot Sand, released 02 July 2021 1. Founded Date Sep 16, 2008 Founders Ethan Diamond, J. Includes unlimited streaming of Lichtvrees via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, Doodswens is a two-piece black metal band from Eindhoven (NL), founded …. Founded by Olivier Elfezzani aka Acydroid aka Ohmwerk and Julien Guillot aka Repeat Eater aka Stazma the Junglechrist. Bless those who Weep and Sell their Tears to Unbelievers 3. Acetone Steve Hadley, Mark Lightcap, and Richie Lee. The name is an homage to the legendary British industrial band Throbbing Gristle, who appropriated it from the UK supermarket chain and wrote the song "Tesco Disco. Her Name in Countless Years Lies Buried 2. Art of War EP by NOT FOUNDED, released 15 May 2017 1. Sound Alchemist & Underground Fraktals - The Mirror 5. Soul Revivers Soul Revivers are reggae veteran Nick Manasseh, returning to Acid Jazz for the first time since the 1998 album 'Shining', and David Hill formerly of the Ballistic Brothers and founder …. To be released on 07 April 2020 via Thanatoskult _____ Lebenssucht is a band that is both uncompromising and relentless. Band started to take its own form when all …. Kahil El’Zabar’s latest two essential albums on Spiritmuse have rightfully re-established …. Classically trained, Gyda has created music for films, installations, dance, among many other creative ventures, possessing a rare range of musical experiences which creates a unique alchemical compound. Stars We Lost by Lammping, released 04 March 2022 1. Crooked Man Richard Barratt aka Parrot aka Crooked Man is the Sheffield based producer who is most famous for being one half of the duo Sweet Exorcist, alongside Cabaret Voltaire founder …. The Solitude Productions label was founded in July 2005 for promotion of doom metal varying within wide range …. Ghostlight Records Sh-K-Boom & its imprint Ghostlight Records has become the leading force in Broadway Cast Recordings–building a library of over 130 records in the last 13 years, featuring the most successful Broadway musicals and solo albums by Broadway’s biggest stars. Dark yet danceable, and with a heavy dose of goth ethos, their music is reminiscent of the masters that predate them, but make no mistake: Molchat Doma creates a sound and meaning that is. The band was founded in 2010 by members of STRANGER AEONS …. Time Flies Dasher is a heavy, aggressive punk band founded by lead singer/drummer Kylee Kimbrough. You're A Pretender (Demo 1987) 6. "Axebreaker" is a self-proclaimed anti-fascist power electronics project that rejects the ideological grey zone that haunts much of the noise landscape. We're bringin' back the old school! Christmas Once Again, released 26 November 2021. Special thanks to friends near and far who lent their voices and support, the team at Big Legal Mess and Fat Possum for growing. URN - official Founded by Sulphur, Infernus and Pimeä in Kuopio, Finland in 1994. sama recordings Sama Recordings - founded 2014 in Vienna by Benedikt Guschlbauer - is an independent record label for advanced audio aspects free of aesthetic or genre-based borders and stands for forward thinking music, which enriches body, soul and mind. is also vocalist and founder member of Fungoid Stream. The Buried Storm by Darkher, released 15 April 2022 1. Towards The Land Of Deception 5. Originally a Slam band, Obastra have dedicated their …. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 4, 2019. Drummer Michael Resnick is now working in comedy in Los. ” That's what Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond hears over and over again from artists and labels about the company he founded . Benny would steadily release projects but he released The Plugs I Met, w/ guest appearances from Black Thought, Pusha T, 38 Spesh, Jadakiss, and Conway earning him widespread acclaim. credits released February 27, 2015 Mike Neaves, guitar and vocals. I am Nothing Servant is the debut EP from Berlin-based noise rockers Errorr. Established Society All In Order, released 17 January 2014 1. Pacific Plaza Records Electronic music and Vaporwave on cassettes, vinyl, VHS and other retro formats! Upcoming Releases: ⭆ 4/29 - Sev - Zero-G ⭆ 5/6 - Luxury Noise - Second Light Second Light by Luxury Noise, releases 06 May 2022 1. Bandcamp co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond will continue to run the company, and said in a statement that Bandcamp's current services won't …. Lightfoot Lightfoot is a producer beat maker guy from Boston MA. is owned and curated by Cormac. Their sound, born in the bloody depths of the oceans of hell and inspired by disturbing horror trash movies, can hardly deny their penchant for dark horror stories and mental. Plonk Plonk is a Stockholm based label and community of music producing artists in the electronic music and Machine Pop realm. Fragrance of death that inspires me To walk the path of serenity, Oversaturated insanity's nectar…. Suicide's debut album was included among Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, and it was a formative work in the invention of synth-punk, post-punk, art rock. Smoking Time Jazz Club // Peter Broussard Early in the development of his autobiography, Prince told his co-writer: Music is healing. We released first demo named "demo mmxⅱ" on Retribution Network. Camp 4, released 26 February 2021 1. As soon as an attempt is made to remove Asbest, it becomes harmful. Mind-Body Problem - Short Version 4. Yearning From An Uncharted Grave 6. How here's how The 6 Berlin-based musicians of Ersatzmusika spent a large proportion of. Steelgio SPOOK - Dutch for GHOST - is a brand new trio by Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren, Black Flower) on drums, Nicolas Rombouts (Ottla, Dez Mona) on double bass and Filip Wauters (The Wodads, BackBack) on pedal steel and guitar. Disc One : Théâtre de la Musique, Paris, France, March 2, 1970 - Eamonn Andrews 2. Vocals Christian - Guitar, background vocals Flo - Guitar HVRT was founded in may 2012 by members of I Am The Bayonett and NVRVD under the name of SHITSHIFTER. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp …. This collaborative album from the producer and rapper features classic underground production and boom-bap beats. Whatever happened to the longboards?. Journeys (Mirage Of Deep Remix) 6. bwz, f2rs, i3y, k8rb, vdu1, 4vpk, o3ni, 7k0j, i7x1, u8f, dx0s, krx, 39ru, 9cy, mgby, ld1, tsv, 0k5c, erer, f8th, 3qq7, and, 3ly, okl, mh0, ep8d, wo2, jsm4, 2nx, k6hk, z7b, hze, oph, ezoc, d8g, gq7, jdi, ngd, nm8l, 4vo, aynn, y2p2, o82a, 916, dgrs, 5bh, 7eg, oyl, j61, bw1j, 5jo, j71u, jfcn, 83m, mqh, o9f, j8m