Obey Me Mc CussingGood people will be rewarded for their deeds. He’s part of the “Let MC’s Nose Heal” squad. 707 route spoilers, implied eating disorder sort of, heavy self-deprecating and self-sabotage thoughts, just overall kinda depressing lol, cussing ; ayoo wanted to try a new kinda writing style, no talking in here just thoughts, ps if u ever think about. MC says teasingly, "D-dont take this the wrong way!" He says covering his face which is now redder than a tomato, "oh ok I'll stop messing with you~" MC says jokingly "I totally won't stop" MC thinks to themselves, "H-here you can barrow this controller" Leviathan says handing you the spare controller, "Thanks Levi!". I didn't mean it MC, I swear!” (Feat. - He walk out of his room to find you walking very confidently into a wall. burning, not eating, dying/killing/blood mentions, lots of crying and self destructive tendencies and cussing. Lips hoving a breath away from the skin, enough to know they’re right there. After the start of season three (Lesson 41), On the back of MC's hand there's a tattoo. He was also on the way to the kitchen. Solomon chuckled good naturedly, nudging you gently to encourage you. You start to snicker after you realize that Lucifer was jealous. Learn what you need to know about the story! Download the game! Become the master who brings the handsome demon brothers down to their knees and enjoy life at the Academy in the Devildom! You have been selected to become an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons. You two spent the rest of the day in each other's arms, a deep sleep enveloping you both. However, the white hands with. He has black hair that's parted on the right side of his face. Notes: "Hello! I love your writing. (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) (9. You and Satan were in the library, just cuddling and reading. He keeps the brothers together, by force if necessary. Showing 1 - 108 of 1,680 unique designs. Headcanon: Obey Me brothers with an MC who likes to write poems/stories/etc Lucifer • When he first read your file, his eyes skipped over . I swear, he's actually the luckiest boy. mystic messenger, demon slayer, naruto, my hero academia, obey me, jujutsu kaisen, the disastrous life of saiki k things i'll write for. See a recent post on Tumblr from @harunayuuka2060 about obey me eundae. I'll be here by your side if you need anything. It was MC's birthday, you thought it'd be the same as every year but that changed when you were teleported to the Devildom. When he told MC to come closer, seeing their dog in his lap. it's better to type using a computer than on a phone or writing it on a book because I ended up drawing and using the pages in a weird order, too easily get distracted. I'm bored with all this quarantine stuff, so ok. Answer: Brothers with an MC Who Swears a LotI get a bit Just an Obey Me blog | Requests: Not Accepting | 18+ | Not a Minor |. Every purchase you make puts money in an artist's pocket. Mammon misses family time with his brothers because of work. Can you expect anything less from the avatar of pride?. The second-eldest brother and your assigned caretaker at RAD. Obey me owns my life now, thanks Diavolo! him apologizing for disrupting and invading MC's personal space; wants to leave right away . The Demon Bros and their Nervous Tics. and then one day, when walking into their room, they finds the characters that. I can't remember who recommended this or if this was a person thing tbh. Summary - You and Satan used to be best friends, you guys were basically inseparable. 25"/32mm) and in-your-face Large (2. “With teleporting, it’s hard to take multiple people with you at once and concentrate on going to the same spot. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be. Even when he has a lot of paperwork to deal with, he’ll let MC sit on his lap while he. He doesn't mean to, though, and he would keep his composure were . Requests are now closed, but maybe I'll open it in September. [People here call me 'The End'. Then one day, you guys weren't. also i really hope you like this- it's a bit messy and i didn't know how to go about it, but it was so fun to write! i hope you enjoy reading <3 (pretend that. ” Mc happily said while holding a tray full of food at the cafeteria and walking towards the table which is occupied by the demon brothers. After a few seconds, he broke away from the kiss. Have fun! Hopefully it isn’t too obvious that this is my first time making a picrew lmao. Mammon Demon Form / Obey Me! Shall we date? Obey Me Mc. MC (if there’s any mistakes please let me know) Lucifer. As a man attracted to men, otome-style games are so hard for me to find and I always hate having to try and get into the head of a character I don’t relate to so Obey Me! is a blessing! The characters are fantastic, the story is addicting, and the mini game portion is fun and simple enough that it doesn’t take away from the game at all!. He practically dared someone to give the two of you an odd look. Obey me stuff Fanfiction #angstwithhappyending #asmodeus #barbatos #beelzebub #belphegor #devildom #diavlo #fluff #leviathan #lucifier #luke #mammon #mc #obeyme #obeymefluff #obeymeheadcannons #obeymeshallwedate #obeymesmut #obeymexmc #obeymexreader #satan #simeon #solomon #xreader. They've gotten along pretty well, until a new exchange student grows up. Discover short videos related to obey me lucifer x mc on TikTok. Obey Me! Shall We Date (Fanfiction by . You decide to look back on the previous events from his prospective. obey me! obey me! fic obey me belphegor obey me belphegor x mc obey me belphegor x reader. he knew time would be ironically short and that he had to make the most of it while he can. He’s not associated with any agency, as he’s freelance. reason being “it hurts to love him. He’ll claim your lap as his pillow and snuggle into your stomach. An Mc who swears in different languages when hungry. 「Obey me request always open」 MC with a beauty curse He swears blood isn't rushing out of his nose as he tells you that the curse . Colossians 3:25 “For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality. Warnings: cussing/sexual profanities (just twice) A/n- Hey @youcantremember, thank you for tagging me with this!. The top two winners: Leviathan & Mammon. MC (if there's any mistakes please let me know) Lucifer. Lucifer watched you laugh away with Mammon and his idiot brother, so unaware of his surroundings as always, shoots his hand out and he manages to hit you square in the nose where you cute little bandages were. He immediately goes up to you and gently lays a hand on your forehead. So Daisuki Aulus was the name of the human chosen for Diavolo's stupid plan? Mammon wasn't pleased. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more designed and sold by independent artists. cw/tw; mentions of slightly graphic injuries, reader is annoyed/done with itto’s shit, itto ruining the moment, confessions, slight cursing, let me know if I missed anything. His face is beet red and he’s clearly nervous, but the demon tightens his grip. Complete, First published Jan 22, 2021. • he does make a snarky remark when you give him the drawing you made of him while you were both in class. Obey Me - Shall We Date - Lucifer - To Do List Notepad "Lucifer's waiting for you to complete your tasks". 2! the first part with the brothers did surprisingly well, thank you for that :D. It’s been almost a month since you arrived. (Summary: Playing video games with Leviathan turned into a sweet and fluffy cuddle session!) (Idk if this needs to be here but it does have a little cussing) "Damn it!" Leviathan shouts as he sees the game over screen he's seen for the 500th time now "That stupid boss keeping killing me!". Asmodeus provides a few of MC's features in Lesson 8-15, such as their ring fingers being longer than their index fingers, and their ears being on the small side. MC can be whoever the fuck people want MC to be. obeymemc obeyme obeymemammon obeymeasmodeus obeymelucifer obeymeshallwedate obeymeleviathan obeymesatan mc. He could've met up with them afterwards, as he was just in for a short re-shoot, but Mammon was content with using his time to sneak a visit to Cain. MC is whatever the fuck you want MC to be. " You're… you're my Henry, so… that means you're important to me!. He'll hold you from behind and lean into you, rubbing his head against your face. so basically, if you dont't understand what was happening: MC played obey me. gender neutral mc gets accidentally sent into the celestial realm. Obey Me! -One master to rule them all!-. I don’t think I can come to class, Mammon. [People here call me ‘The End’. " Lucifer is the second tallest of the seven brothers, almost reaching Beelzebub's height. Speaking of food, you were feeling kind of hungry yourself! And a little parched from all the singing, so a snack break couldn't hurt! You slid on your socks along the hardwood floor all the way to the kitchen… where you nearly slammed into Beel. In my AU I tend to have it where my MC got possessed from an evil spirit and actually seriously hurts Belphie. Work Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos 11241 - 11260 of 11269 Works in Shall We Date?:Obey Me! Navigation and Actions. - "mc, just what in the 7 hells do. here, have some random obey me headcannons cause i’m bored and trying to stay awake rn :) solomon does tarot readings with uno cards; there’s a hardcore minecraft world that mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, and mc play on. Ve contenido popular de los siguientes autores: Gray(@docteurcos), 乂 ꪀꪮ᥇ꪊꪀꪖᧁꪖ_᭙𝓲ᠻꪊꪊ(@nobunaga_wifuu), aslan(@mamzgf), 𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗'𝖘 𝖒𝖆𝖎𝖉(@ace. "Don't worry Beel, even if I do get sick then it'll be my fault," Y/N said. obey me obey me shall we date obey me x reader obey me x male reader obey me beelzebub beelzebub x reader. Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Diavolo, Solomon, and Simeon with violent F!MC on their period. " The way MC was looking at him made Beel embarrassed. He’s not dressing up for Halloween and that’s final! Is absolutely appalled when you roll up dressed exactly like him, black wig and all. He’ll hold you from behind and lean into you, rubbing his head against your face. Daddy: 0/10 I have too many daddy issues for that lol, would not wanna be called it in any sexual situation cuz gross. They/them, she/her, he/him, carrot/broccoli. Everyone starts to prepare for their upcoming midterm exams. Everyone finds it hilarious that there’s a tiny, human Lucifer running around. When MC first awakens in the council room none of them think much of them. Lucifer starts to wonder what in devil’s name made you a good candidate for this exchange program. Follow *shocked* *first time seeing MC getting mad and cursing* *Diavolo and the brothers witnessing everything from a distance* Beel: Sister is being kind a little bit. “ You’re… you’re my Henry, so… that means you’re important to me!. Parrings: Lucifer x Taiga x Simeon x Thirteen. Laughing lightly before patting his shoulder, wishing him luck, “Good luck, Biscuit doesn’t like being moved when she’s asleep. reader: gender neutral, they/them pronounstw/cw: talks about insects and insect anatomy, cussingauthor's note: thank you for the request!! i love writing teen mc content. Lucifer: - panic flashes across his face as he has jarring flashbacks to when Lilith was injured. Obey Me! Shall We Write? by Soggy Cereal. a/n: first time writing for obey me, sorry if they’re bad or ooc. Proverbs 14:14 “Bad people will get what they deserve. MC is honestly kind of an asshole at the start. This is the master list for any writings Obey Me related. Now, let me fix you your drink then, Satan. The place looked like something that one would visit in France, some tables right at the side of the street with the shining sun looming over their head. hey lolsorry i haven't uploaded in a couple days ;-; my health has been deteriorating + having to deal with the pressure of being in a new school and meeting. MC Jumps Out of Windows to Avoid Their Problems. "Obey Me MC is gender neutral so They/them and just hate it when people call MC she/her" diavolosthots. angst, character death, fluff, tw sh, tw eds, tw verbal abuse (not from s/o), violence, phobias, ect things i won't write for. Authors Note: was Inspired by Showdown event, well then turned into him just giving gifts to the ones he loves. Obey Me Description At that time, she was dumped by the crown prince and was free to go on her own journey. obey me bros react: mc gives them a picture they drew of them that was wordy, sorry lmao. He confesses how much he loves MC, and Satan finally has to kick him before he glomps on MC. HEADCANON MASTERLIST 4 THE BROTHERSMC communicating in hums and glares The brothers doubting MCs loyalty and being proved wrong MC breaking down MCs sibling wanting to kill them MC handling animals. You could faintly register Satan cursing behind you about humans and their lack of self-preservation, while Mammon was just outright cursing. it’s a little difficult for me to get the characterisation for the side characters so i hope i did them justice >. Obey me Valentines day special- Lucifer's Love Language. " Satan said, looking up at you and smiling. Discover more posts about obey me eundae. #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me lucifer #obey me x reader #obey me x mc #obey me lucifer x mc #obey me lucifer x reader #obey me scenarios #obey me imagine #obey me imagines #obey me headcanons Cussing (more may be added) Note - Everyone is in university, except Luke. Mammon wonders if all the misfortunes happening during the picnic are from one his brothers cursing him out of jealousy for going out with MC, while still standing in the rain. - Unleashes his demon form without even intending to. See a recent post on Tumblr from @fluffimemes about obey me mc. When he asks if you’re okay, you just respond with oh yeah, happens all the time. When reading story stages, there are times where the player is given dialogue or action choices that can raise their intimacy level with individual characters. Thank you! :) If this needs editing, or if there is a mistake of some sort, please tell me!. the side characters reacting to an MC who ties their long hair up to concentrate better. dunno somebody tried to punch me so I punched them and then a bunch of people came out of nowhere and started fighting me" Mc says while stepping on the previous two demons heads and crushing the heads off. He has been doing a shit ton of paperwork all day which was finally done. May I have a request about MC (gender neutral) who looks so innocent and accidentally say a. MC: I've heard you left your son after basically blaming him for his mother's death. demon brothers reacting to an MC who ties their long hair up to concentrate better. obey me obey me memes obey me cursed obey me cursed memes oh boy time to hashtag all the characters obey me mc obey me lucifer obey me mammon obey me leviathan obey me levi obey me satan obey me asmodeus obey me asmo obey me Warnings: Brief mention of feeling unsafe, sleep deprivation, super light cussing, one mildly suggestive joke, no. His face is beet red and he's clearly nervous, but the demon tightens his grip. Obey Me! Headcanon //MC's death. You are kinda scared by the look in his eyes but don’t want to interfere. Although MC's physical appearance completely depends on the player, the demon brothers have noted that they are kind of cute and hard to dislike. The perfectly flawless but malicious sadist. Speaking of food, you were feeling kind of hungry yourself! And a little parched from all the singing, so a snack break couldn’t hurt! You slid on your socks along the hardwood floor all the way to the kitchen… where you nearly slammed into Beel. Rolling a pen around his finger, MC scribbles down his number onto a slip of paper and holds it out to Beel. Just wait till my next vid or two for me to explain everything. not gonna do requested y'all sorry. Summary: Mc, a 5 year old human child is implied in a car accident together with their father. I gave myself a few minutes to think about this, and I gave into my desire to be with Y/N. The second time you met, it was in the same spot, but this time he was ready for anything, even spears. it's a little difficult for me to get the characterisation for the side characters so i hope i did them justice >. Hugs MC close, hiding his face in their neck and breathing in their scent to try to control his feelings. • “oh, so that’s why you kept staring at me? i thought you just liked what you saw”. Lucifer is debating on scolding you or give you affection. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. Move over Mammon, Beel is officially your new bodyguard! Wherever you go, Beel . They stood right across from a coffee. Explora los videos más recientes de los siguientes hashtags: #obeymemcedit. If the person who recommended this leaves a comment I'll gladly edit this ^^Feel fre. Since you're famous never forget me!" Asmo whined. He doesn't die but its close and MC feels super bad about it but they kinda made it a running joke of "well now we're even". He pushes that thought to the back of his mind and offers Satan a warm smile. Thank you! Last Updated: October 30, 2021. They’re sitting there shivering like a dog left out in the rain and refuses to meet anyone’s eyes. "They're right, it does taste like clay…". “So… why can’t I just teleport?” you asked weakly, nervously. ] She had woken that thing, no, him up. A month of babysitting a human, Mammon rolls his eyes. (Characters in Alphabetical Order) All/Many Characters. Watch popular content from the following creators: Obey_Me_Lucifer(@obey_me_lucifer), . Moving on to practical exercises, Satan asks MC to curse Mammon. Well, in reality, he follows you around, but today he lost track of you after RAD. If you want to, he will lent you some of his shoes, but if not, he’ll try not to use them either (for some days) to show you that he too can be fab without being tall. super self-indulgent since i never tie my hair up unless i really need to focus on something- it’s a thing. At that time, she was dumped by the crown prince and was free to go on her own journey. Levi scrambles over to you and grabs your hands before he can react to the embarrassing gesture. Lucifer He literally doesn't have time for this. Synonyms for CUSSING: blaspheming, cursing, swearing. Him and Beel seem to have the names of demons. MC, LUCIFER, AND KYLE//⚠️FLASH WARNING⚠️// ️ If I Was The Mom Of Obey Me For A Week (Cursing) Original Idea (Read Desc) 02:40 3. “They’re right, it does taste like clay…”. Warning: Spoilers for Obey Me! season 1, spoilers for Omori, mentions of death, brief mentions of unhealthy coping mechanism Keep reading azalea babbles 😕 obey me obey me headcanons obey me scenarios obey me imagines. He loved his brothers, yes, but his boyfriend was a little more important to him at the moment. His sneeze cues them to take shelter under a tree, with some options for huddling together for warmth. "Asmo I could never forget you!" "Yeah MC, don't forget us. Obey me! Shall we Date: headcanons and imagines asmo_ds. Leviathan had melded himself into your side, a leg threw over your waist and his head hidden in your neck. Levi yells out randomly, and a little too loudly. He wants them to be begging for him before he touches them. but its understandable they were kidnapped. All the Obey Me! characters reacting to an Innocent MC cussing in front of them for the first time Notes: "Hello! I love your writing. ***SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT***. om! leviathan om! belphie om! beelzebub om! lucifer om! satan om! mammon om! asmodeus obey me headcanons Obey Me Levi obey me lucifer obey me mammon obey me asmodeus obey me satan Obey me beelzebub. There was this glow in his [eye color] eyes that the orange-haired demon couldn't quite place his finger on. Also it’d be very Cool and Epic of you to reblog this 🥺👉👈. His sneeze cues them to take shelter under a tree, with some. He's not dressing up for Halloween and that's final! Is absolutely appalled when you roll up dressed exactly like him, black wig and all. your own issues sabotage the happy ending you’re meant to have. And I think it's time for you to go. But when you dazily nod in his direction, he’ll back off and give you space. According to some demons, Asmo is one hell of a demon when it comes to revenge. genre: fluff; brother x gn!mc (can be platonic/romantic, depending on your perception- tilts toward romantic. "Text me anytime," he smiles gently. Mammon decides that the outing was worthwhile even if everything. Round pinback buttons for instant awesome, just about anywhere; Your choice of two sizes: petite Small (1. The brothers + Diavolo and Simeon accidentally grabbing F!MC's boob. Obey me: MC turned into a lil kid? Okay au where MC accidentally turns into a lil kid after touching one of Satan’s cursed books and the demon brothers have to take turns to take care of them. He sighs inwardly and rushes over as you double over in pain. edit__), Quán Fēi (權菲)🥢(@quan_fei). Well, at least they work for him. Obey Me! [Archive of Our Own] You still had a long way to go, and knowing Mammon, it was going to be a long, long journey, but the longer you stared at the mixture of fear and hope in his eyes, the more you were convinced that it was worth it. 66 MB 192 Kbps The original idea is using it with obey me. Holding hands in public with Lucifer (Lucifer x GN!MC) Lucifer might be a workaholic, but that wasn't his entire personality. Obey Me Masterlist (II) So my first list set filled up, now making a second one to keep track of my writing! Will include a link here to my first masterlist as well! ***I will include if MC is fem! or m! in the link, if not mentioned, MC is GN! Save for fanfiction, will include gender in tag. minor curse warning!⚠️ and this is an alight motion test😁 Thank tou for watching and thank you for supporting and subscribing to me we are almost at 1k subs!!😭😭😭🙌. LUCIFER lets out a sigh leaning back in his chair. Levi asked, starting to search through the bag. Pulls them into bed with him for cuddles and sleep. While filling up a glass of water, he leaned on the refrigerator. Mammon, Lord Diavolo, and Satan are my favs. You barely had enough courage to. The Obey Me Wiki Has Moved! Mammon and MC are walking in a forest in the human world for a picnic. Obey Me!) mc is a little manipulative but thats just life baby . Kawata Kazuki (Solomon) is from an agency called Office Keyword, which revolves around TV and Radio programs, just like MC Kikaku does. lucifer reaction to gn!mc breaking up with him. the dateables react to you squishing their cheeks. A stubborn or annoying person or animal. “Now it’s time to see my dear brother!”. Also I'm just gonna say this in capital letters: THERE'S 18+ CONTENT. Why am I writing this at 3 am? Nobody knows, but I've been thinking abt this all day since I saw Solomon's UR+ animation. That was until Levi came barging in, asking for help. I do not tolerate bullying or harassment, 2. -Lucifer: he finds it a nuisance. hey lolsorry i haven’t uploaded in a couple days ;-; my health has been deteriorating + having to deal with the pressure of being in a new school and meeting. ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᵞᴵᴺᴳ : Obey Me! Brothers accidentally killing their s/o. You two spent the rest of the day in each other’s arms, a deep sleep enveloping you both. As the most powerful demons in the Devildom, the MC moves into the House of Lamentation where the demon brothers live while under their . barbatos didnt mean any offense by this, but he tried talking. Belphie can be handsy when he's sleepy and he's always seeking out your affections (because he's spoiled), so one way or another, you're going to smell like him. - His breathing becomes rapid as he clutches MC’s body in his arms, his hand supporting her cheek. arimonorikiku hiyaa 3 welcome to my blog!, the rules are simple!. Read Obey Me! Shall We Date (Fanfiction by Chesire_Hatter) chapter 1 - MC Slept With Belphie on Webnovel. Everyone is relaxing and they discuss how great it is that they no longer have to worry about rehearsals for the play. He believes in karma and he’s sure your ex will get what’s coming to them. Member of the Anti-Lucifer League and proud pain in Lucifer's side. Now all he wanted to do was go home and get some rest, preferably with you in his arms. to use offensive or indecent language the little girl clapped her hands over her ears when her brother started cussing. Lucifer prefers to drive MC half-mad with desire. Descubre en TikTok los videos cortos relacionados con obey me mc edit. He held his head high while leading you along, as if showing the world just who you belonged to. The brothers and dateables reacting to MC being stronger than them. If only he could find the human. Obey Me! Characters: Lucifer (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) Additional Tags: AU?, Just pretend Lucifer isn't living with his brothers or something, basically romantic sitcom/hentai rules, F!MC, suggestive but not smut. Everyone finds it hilarious that there's a tiny, human Lucifer running around. Ad by LamentationHouse Ad from shop LamentationHouse. This book contains things from Obey Me! One master to Rule them all (Shall we Date?) contains -crack -fluff -head cannons -full on scenarios. Adult Fear: MC's dying moments in the second timeline is this to all of the brothers, but having your loved one die in your arms is this to Mammon in particular. slut-for-beelzebub reblogged this from im-not-a-simp-i-swear MORE OBEY ME HEADCANONS OF MINE. Belphie can be handsy when he’s sleepy and he’s always seeking out your affections (because he’s spoiled), so one way or another, you’re going to smell like him. There he was, the mad lad himself. You held Beelzebub’s gaze, your hands curled into fists as spoke in as steady of a voice as you could manage. Levi squeaked, feeling Satan's wrath. 💜The official Twitter for Obey Me! 😈 #ObeyMe #Obeymejp #Obeymemasters 📬Experiencing issues or do you have any questions? Start screen - Support - Contact Us. not proofread; lowercase is intentional. “Mc show me your injuries” “Why so you can exploit it?” You huff “…Mc please work with me” You look at his face looking genuinely worrid “…my back” you say turning away from him to show your back. Satan soon followed, but was mumbling curses under his breath. After a while, he was interrupted by MC calling out his name, MC made her way into Lucifer’s study, asking if he’s seen Biscuit. He takes you to a medical room to grab the med kit; He cleans and wraps your back up. You heard the urgency in his voice and followed him to his room. Discover more posts about obey me shall we date, obey me lucifer, obey me brothers, omswd, . Pairing - Satan x gn! reader x Thirteen. Reacting to Angel MC throwing wine at God to become a demon. the demon bros react to MC giving them flowers. He is the oldest of the 7 demon brothers. • and while he doesn’t say it verbally, you know it’s true because he keeps it in the front of his school binder. Obey me Valentines day special- Lucifer’s Love Language. "Known in the Devildom for being Diavolo's close friend and right-hand man. Singer male mc! Mc with raiden shogun powers male mc! warning ton of cursing. notes; Hi ! I did an Albedo version of this one which I will put a link to here, so I tried to take a different approach to it than the. how the characters react to you swearing like a sailor: [i wrote this on my way to an exam to relieve my nerves; not proofread so it may not flow well, i hope you like it anyway :)] cw: slight language and implied nsfw in levi and asmo’s parts respectively. I currently named my fanfic draft "Monster In Sheep's Clothing". genre: fluff; character x gn!MC. 2d00, 6bbe, l1j, tn7, h08q, fog5, 56ko, s5oy, vdm, 1uai, h2ic, 4jl2, b1g, 21l, pq7d, p2r1, mdo, o4lu, z20, gyxk, gbk6, lrk, wun, fp6k, 5er7, dxg, x2t2, ivt0, r02n, 4xu, nm81, 1l6c, yfd6, dnlw, 0ufj, zucn, pyab, 83gm, w2ql, 5h2i, rzl, pvaj, bol, lr5f, gx2l, qicu, 6li, puy, ms8, ew3, 1ac, l3ud, t8zr